How to sell at eHotBid?

   eHotBid is a market place for lots of gem and jewelry dealers,
remember your selling direct to buyer or consumers.

  In order to sell get your self registered at eHotBid,
Registration is free (click here to Register)

Once your registered, a email will be sent to your email you specified at the time
of registration, you need to confirm the email, we just want to make sure you had enter your
correct email address.

Once your resisted and confirmed the email, your done you can start selling at eHotBid

Click on the sell Button (Sell Now)

If you had Sold on Buy it Now a email will be sent to buyer ,
if buyer is buying more than one product buyer will write to you asking for invoice,
or you can write to buyer asking of buyer is ready to make the payment,

To send invoice to buyer just log in to My Auction
click on selling>invoices>assign the item to new invoice and send email to buyer

I hope this is very clear, Feel free to write to if you need any further assistance.

Thanks! Team!

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